A neo-Kantian philosopher by the name of Wilhelm Windelband (1848-1915) introduced two approaches in understanding knowledge as it is. These two approaches, the nomothetic and the idiographic, attempted how one discipline can relate and interrelate itself to other disciplines. While the former generalizes laws or theories with the use of categories or ideal-types, the latter analyzes a certain phenomenon by looking at other factors which may contribute to its emergence.

Windelband’s approach to knowledge has inspired me to create an academic blog that would allow me to offer my own perspective on a wide range of issues in our society. I think we should look beyond to what we know; that we do not just depend on what we’ve learnt inside the four corners of our classroom. We do not just rely ourselves on a single source alone, as it creates a one-sided approach in better understanding the entire narrative. The questions that we raise and the outcries that we burst are all part of a large, and perhaps, a universal context of how we shall adopt and adapt ourselves to the ever-changing global community. I hope that this blog provides new paradigms and perspectives which can be used to solve some, if not all, of the most pressing problems in our society.